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With the world progressing at a quick rate and life continuing to become busier, we all could use a little break now and then.

Since we spend most of our days confined within our houses or at our workplace, taking a break that allows you to spend some time in the great outdoors has become increasingly important. The concept of outdoor activities refers to recreation that is enjoyed outside the four walls of our homes, such as in natural settings, including things like fishing, hunting, and horseback riding. 

The entire purpose of outdoor travel is to combine the elements of enjoyment and exercise, along with seeking to reconnect with the nature around us that we normally, unfortunately ignore. While the activities that are part of outdoor travel may seem like sports to you, outdoor travel does not demand that you are an athlete in order to participate. All you need is a 0-degree sleeping bag and your winter hiking boots, and you’re all set to travel the outdoors.

Outdoor travel is typically sought as a way of enjoying and engaging in activities that you would not usually be participating in. These could be hiking along the mountains, spending the night camping, mountaineering, cycling across new places, learning how to kayak, or even trying out skydiving!

Through outdoor travel, one can easily improve their physical health, self-sufficiency, and risk-taking skills. By testing your stamina and endurance while seeking a new adventure, the outdoors can be a great environment for people to explore all their capabilities. 

Is Outdoor Travel just a Vacation?

The term "outdoor travel" is commonly used synonymously with "vacation," which gives the wrong impression of what outdoor travel truly is.

The truth is that outdoor travel can be far more productive than your typical vacation – especially since its not just about catching flights and capturing that picture-perfect sunset for your Instagram page. 

Conversely, outdoor travel has been proven to have many therapeutic benefits since it helps you reconnect with nature and become more physically active. 

Some say that outdoor travel not only improves your physical well-being, but also nourishes your soul.

Experts tend to believe that the excitement that comes with exploring a new place as you set up your portable hammock and your double sleeping bag is unmatched. Outdoor travel can work wonders for your mental well-being, and what better way to explore the outdoors than on foot? 

In our opinion, you could travel the outdoors once and reap the benefits for years to come. Outdoor travel has a positive impact on your body and mind, particularly because it allows you to step out of your comfort zone and engage in an unconventional adventure. 

If you are one to think that you do not have the time or funds to participate in outdoor travel, we have news for you: your excuses are not valid anymore.

Flying across the world has become relatively cheaper and more accessible over the years, with outdoor travel being an even more economical option to explore. 

Whether you have a full-time job or are even dealing with the stress of a newborn baby, you can still make time to travel the outdoors. The benefits in mental and physical well-being are worth the investment in time. Once you do, you’re likely to never stop exploring again!

The Benefits of Outdoor Travel 

Here’s what we have already established: outdoor travel is economical, it helps you become physically active, and it has a positive impact on your psychological well-being.

Still need more convincing as to why outdoor travel should be an essential part of your life? Well, here are some more benefits we thought we’d share:

1. Stress Relief

Life can be cluttered with many things at once – work, family, or even that degree that you may be working to obtain. With all these tasks that require our immediate attention, we fail to give time to activities that provide us some of the most value in our lives. Psychologists often recommend taking breaks from a routine lifestyle and in some cases to escape a manic settings, such as a city, for some quiet and peaceful time by yourself. 

Travelling and exploring the outdoors can be a fun way to ease your mind and allow it to regain its strength in a peaceful environment. Do you know why the outdoors can be so calming?

Adventure travelling, such as mountain climbing or hiking, is known to prevent the release of stress hormones, thus making you less anxious and more relaxed through your outdoor travel adventure. After all, we know that we have only felt true peace as we lay on our portable hammock and gaze at all that envelops our world.

2. Learn More About Yourself

One of the most interesting benefits of outdoor traveling is how much it can teach you about your own self. Putting yourself in a challenging yet rewarding situation by participating in outdoor recreational activities makes you self-aware of your internal strengths and weaknesses.

More importantly, outdoor travel helps you open your mind and understand that your thought-process is limitless, stretching your perspective regarding the world and your life.

Since outdoor travel requires you to take somewhat of a risk, it makes you capable of trying new experiences and embracing the changes that it brings. After all, spending a night in the forest in a double sleeping bag will be a much different experience than a simple, routine night in your own bedroom.

3. Gain Strength

By strength, we mean both physical and mental strength. Exploring the outdoors will require you to be somewhere that may be way beyond your comfort zone, and it is normal to feel intimidated at first.

However, as you learn new things such as which sleeping bag is the most suitable or which winter hiking boots you need, you are likely to become mentally and physically confident enough to embrace any challenge that comes your way.

In reality, the more you travel, the more you will realize that the only true challenge is to get over the fear that’s in your head.

How This Blog Can Be Your Travel Partner?

With our blog, we aim to provide a safe space for all our outdoor travel enthusiasts. By sharing our story, we hope to motivate you enough to take a step outside into the unknown and give yourself the mental break that you have been craving. 

Apart from inspiration, we also aim to provide the means for you to begin your outdoor travel adventure without any hesitation. With our buying lists and guides that tell you exactly where to buy your sleeping bags and portable hammocks from, we want you to be fully prepared for the experience of a lifetime!

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