About Us

In 2014, we took the biggest leap of faith. Being a couple who had never been too involved with the outdoors and one that was far more focused on creating a ‘comfortable’ lifestyle for ourselves, that trip changed who we were entirely.

Before that, we were living in a comfortable flat with our comfortable lives, focused on our routine jobs and taking simple 2-week holidays once or twice a year. But after a little while, ‘comfortable’ began to lose its charm. There’s nothing new about heading to the same 9-5 grind every morning and sleeping in the same old bed every night – it is actually ridiculously boring. 

Our typical holiday would consist of traveling to one of the many cliché cities in the world, dining at the fanciest of restaurants and sleeping in the posh beds of top-rated hotels. But that did not feel like it was enough.

There’s something about all those busy towns that made it unappealing for me – there’s too much noise. How many restaurants and hotels does it take for you to realize that this is nothing but a monotonous and meaningless retreat? 

What we craved was excitement, adventure, passion, and serenity – not the kind that you’ll find easily somewhere across the busy streets of this city; but one that was hidden amongst the mountains and hills that were left undiscovered.

The kind of peace that’s in the cold breeze that brushes across your cheeks as you look at the sunset across the ocean, and the kind of adrenaline rush that you feel as you climb through the rocks of tall mountains. 

Soon enough, we realized that the comfortable life we were living was just the bare minimum, and that we wanted more to life than just this. Little did we know that the world outside was beyond what we could have possibly imagined, and little did we know that our lives were going to change forever. 

Where It All Began

We fed our first thirst for adventure by traveling the outdoors and learning scuba diving – something neither of us had ever tried before. I remember feeling only one prominent emotion before the diving began: fear. But once we were underwater, surrounded by the blues of the ocean and all the beauty that resides within it, I forgot that fear had ever existed. 

In that moment, I felt true peace. To be in that beautiful scenery with the person that I love was the kind of passion that I had been searching for the longest of times. We made our way through the water, slowly but steadily, taking in all of the views that I had only previously seen on TV screens.

Underwater is a serene place to be – there is marine life around you, and there are also bits and pieces from the lives of other people who had once sailed over this ocean. We spotted things like bracelets, watches, and even some phones – constantly wondering what the stories of these people must be like. 

And just like that, the rest was history. 

We knew that we wanted to explore the outdoors in the most exciting ways possible – whether it meant sleeping in portable hammocks in the summertime or setting up our 0-degree sleeping bags in the winter. 

Over the last few years, we have traveled across multiple cities and towns. But more importantly, we travelled through the mountains and hills, across the oceans and seas. Through that, we made memories. 

Watching the sunset from the top of the mountain or waiting for sunrise in a forest camp during the cold winter days are only scratching the surface of our deep well of irreplaceable memories. If I could do it any differently, I really would not have. 

Traveling the outdoors with the love of my life was the best thing that had happened to both of us, as we experienced the true bliss that comes with reconnecting with nature. Since we knew that there were others like us who were reluctant to ever step out of their little bubble of comfort, we made it our duty to start this website to not only share our adventures, but make yours a lot easier! 

We’ll Be Your Travel Partners

Back when we started out, we barely had any professional guidelines from people who were constantly traveling the outdoors. We had questions about equipment, packing the right clothes, and even genuine concerns about where and how we were going to sleep. Thankfully, we figured it out over the years, so you don’t have to. 

Our blog provides all the information you’re going to need before you set out to your first outdoor travel adventure – whether it’s going to be beneath the oceans or across the mountains. With reviews of items that we deem essential for travel and buying guides to tell you exactly where to purchase those winter hiking boots – we want to make your outdoor travel experience as lively as possible. 

The first trip we took years ago completely transformed our outlook towards the world as we learned about new cultures, discovered scenes we did not even know existed, and made many amazing travel buddies across the world.

We have also had our fair share of experiences with food – and instead of it being the typical fancy restaurant vibe, we watched ourselves go into complete full survival during our last mountaineering trip when we ate whatever little food was available.

Our mission is to inspire and prove to you that you can visit places in the world that you only thought of in your dreams.

With our first-hand accounts of the countless outdoor adventures we have been on, we look forward to helping you plan a fun and safe trip that helps you reconnect with nature and remind you that there is truly more to life than the ‘comfort’ that we are so accustomed to. 

Wherever we go, we plan to take you along with us. And for the next time you plan your outdoor travel adventure, we hope that you would take us along, too!