Best Large Camping Tents For The Whole Family 2021

Many families love to go out camping and having a lot of fun with one another in the sun or at the lake. But if you have more than two or three people in your home, you will struggle to find the tent that can meet your needs and will fit everyone and all their things. Finding the best large camping tents can seem like an impossible task.

There are many great camping tents out there that are designed to handle 8 to 10 people each. For large families or those who would like to have a little more space when they go camping, these tents can be one of the best options out there. They provide more air ventilation, can help you keep your items in the tent, and will make it so that no one is on top of one another while you are camping.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best large camping tents that you can choose when it comes to finding one that has enough room for your whole family!

Large Camping Tent Reviews

When it comes to finding the best large camping tent, many companies promise to have the best. But if you want to make sure you are in a tent that will last and can hold your whole family, check out some of these great options instead!

1. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Large Camping Tent

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Large Camping Tent

This is the best camping tent if you want plenty of room to stretch out. It is easy to set up at any time and the venting system will remove any stale air as quickly as possible. This may not be the fanciest tent to choose, but it will get the job done and is dependable to use at any time. The comfort level is also smaller so consider bringing some extra blankets to help you have some padding. When you are ready to be done with your camping adventure, just roll it up and you are ready to go.

The Pros

  • A very large tent
  • Water repellent fabrics to keep you dry
  • A good venting system to keep things fresh inside.

The Cons

  • No bells and whistles along with the tent.
  • May not fit 9 grown adults like promised.

2. Coleman 8-Person Instant

Coleman 8-Person Instant

Coleman is a brand you can trust and this tent is no different. The cubicle layout makes it easy to separate the tent into the parts that you want. It is plenty large enough to allow for maximum airflow as needed. You can easily fit at least two queen-sized air mattresses inside and with the top part at 6 ½ feet, you know that an adult can fit in pretty comfortably. Use the removable divider to help create private spaces for everyone in your family. This gives you a lot of options when it is time to go out on a camping adventure.

The Pros

  • The large screen windows give you a great view without the bugs
  • Easy to put together
  • Thick outer layer to keep the water out.
  • Cubicle design to divide it up the way you want.

The Cons

  • Weighs forty pounds so hard to carry
  • Need to use a ground sheet to stay dry.

3. NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person Large Camping Tent

NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person Large Camping Tent

This is one of the more affordable large tents on our list, coming in at under $200. It is designed to handle almost any kind of weather that you would like, outside of the highest of winds. The poles are extra-strong so they can bend without breaking along the way. It also meets all of the flammability standards and the heavy duty bag to carry the tent makes it easy to take this large tent on your next adventure. The weight is a little bit heavier than some of the other tents so keep that in mind when you need to take it on a long trek before setting it up. The setup is easier than you would think so it is a good option.

The Pros

  • The center part goes to 6 feet for tall campers
  • Great ventilation for those hot days
  • Rain and UV protection

The Cons

  • Does not work in the winter
  • Weighs 24 pounds

4. CAMPROS 8-Person Camping Tent

CAMPROS 8-Person Camping Tent

This tent has all of the room that you could need. With a strong material and room to spread out, you can easily fit up to three queen air mattresses or eight sleeping bags inside. The tent comes in at only 17.4 pounds so it is easier to carry around on those big hiking trips if you choose as well. This tent is breathable for how big it is. You can open up the large mesh door or five mesh windows to let in the fresh air and the divided rooms will give you some extra room to stretch out and have your own privacy when it is needed.

The Pros

  • Can fit up to eight or nine people.
  • Lots of windows to let in the fresh air
  • Dividers so everyone has their privacy
  • Light to make hiking easier.

The Cons

  • The material is not as strong as some of the others and can rip when putting together.

5. Coleman Montana

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

This is one of the most dependable tents on our list. This tent will work for all of your family vacations and can last for a long time. You will love the value and some of the curb appeal that comes with this Coleman option, though it is a little bit smaller than some of the others. This is also waterproof so you do not need to worry about getting wet no matter where you choose to travel. The setup is easier than a lot of the other tents on our list, which make it a good option to utilize for any trip you want to take.

The Pros

  • Simple and intuitive setup to make life easier.
  • Opposing windows put in place to keep things fresh.
  • Hinged door that allows for easy access.
  • A good price point

The Cons

  • Will not fit the eight people it promises
  • Porch cover doesn’t provide protection

6. Wenzel Klondike

Wenzel Klondike

This is one of the best large tents with a view. This tent has some throwback designs from older tents so if you would like to have a little nostalgia in the tent, this is the one that you want. It is very roomy and will allow you room to stand up or stretch out the way that you would like. There is a screen room big enough to fit a camping chair in the front and lots of room for everyone in the family in the rest of the tent. The design is really a lot of fun and it is light enough to carry around if you need to hike to get to your camping spot. Keep in mind that this is not weatherproof and you will need an additional sealant to help with this.

The Pros

  • Lighter than many tents on our list
  • An attached screen area to give additional space
  • Gives 6 ½ feet of headroom

The Cons

  • Need to use a weatherproof sealer to make it completely waterproof

7. Outdoor Products 8 Person Instant Hexagon Tent

Outdoor Products 8 Person Instant Hexagon Tent

The unique design of this tent can make it a lot of fun to work with. It fits up to eight campers comfortably and the instant pole design will help you get the tent up in no time. You will really like that the poles have LED lights on them at night if you need to get the tent up and going. The ground vents inside the tent will create the cross ventilation that you need in all parts of the tent, even when it is full of everyone inside. The mesh is perfect for keeping you dry and bug bite free, no matter where you decide to put the tent up.

The Pros

  • Easy to set up with LED lights on the poles for easy visibility
  • Ground vents for all the ventilation that you need.
  • Can fit eight people
  • Mesh to keep you dry

The Cons

  • The shape is a little different than most tents, which can make it harder to put together.

8. Heimplanet Mavericks Tent

Heimplanet Mavericks Tent

This is a really unique tent with 142 square feet of space for you to move around. This could work for up to ten people if you are out and about and it works well in almost any weather conditions. The five-door design can stop any of the issues with bottlenecking as people try to get in and out of the tent and can make sure everyone can get in when they want. The 5 windows, which are easy to open up, can provide you with lots of ventilation. This provides a lot of room whether you are going with others or just your family.

You may find that this one is a little more expensive compared to some of the other options on our list. But when you see the design and some of the additional features that come with it, you will quickly see that it could be worth it. If you like to go out in extreme conditions to enjoy some camping and you want something that is going to last while also being big, then this is one of the best tents on our list to pick, even with the higher price.

The Pros

  • Can handle extreme conditions
  • Five doors and windows for easy access
  • Comes with a repair kit

The Cons

  • Very expensive.

9. Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon

This tent is a great value option from the Coleman brand. It is a true family tent that will be able to hold a large family or two smaller families. It even works great if you plan to take out some scouts with you. The shock-corded frame will make the setup as simple as possible and you will enjoy the WeatherTec system that will keep you dry.

There is a lot of headroom present so even tall people will fit in well while no one has to worry about hitting their head or crouching down when getting in and out or even when getting dressed in the tent, and you can easily divide this into three rooms for more privacy. Easy setup and take down makes this a good option. Even if you can’t fit 8 adults inside, you will find that this is a comfortable tent to enjoy. Be careful with the zippers so they do not break on you when getting in and out of the tent.

The Pros

  • Provides 170 square feet of room.
  • Three separate parts for privacy
  • Will keep you snug and dry

The Cons

  • The zippers are sometimes hard to deal with.

10. Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Large Camping Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Large Camping Tent

Coleman makes another entry on our list because it is a great tent to enjoy in any season. This is a great option with the ability to hold up to 10 people while keeping you safe and dry in any kind of terrain. The center goes up to six feet eight inches so you will not need to crouch down all the time if you use this. It is also 18 feet across so there is room for everyone to get comfortable. The hinged door makes it easier to use this one and the rainfly is generous compared to other similar tents on the market.

The airflow is even good and invites a lot of fresh air into the mix, even with the large size so you can keep nice and cool when you are out during the summer. You will enjoy spending time in this Coleman tent and all the comfort that it will provide to you when you take your family or some of your friends out camping during the summer.

The Pros

  • Has plenty of room for everyone.
  • Poles are given colors to help you set it up easier.
  • Can fit 3 queen sized air mattresses.
  • Hinged door so it is easy to get in and out

The Cons

  • The stakes are not as strong as some other options.
  • Hard to put back into the pack if you don’t fold up well.
Large Camping Tent

What to Look for In a Large Camping Tent

When you are in the market for a new large tent, you want to make sure that you get the right one for your needs. each large tent is a little bit different from one another. Some of the things that you should consider when trying to choose one of the best large camping tents on the market includes:

Enough Space

Since we are looking at large camping tents, we need to make sure there is enough space in the tent before making a purchase. Consider how many people are going to be on the camping trip and how many items you would like to store inside at the same time. Many families forget that they need to fit sleeping bags, pillows, coolers, and other items inside in addition to themselves and their family.

Look at the square footage that is possible with the camping tent to help you pick a good option as well. Check to see how much the poles will take up as well. Sometimes the edges will take up some of the square footage as well and can make it smaller than you would like.

The Height of the Tent

Not only is the amount of space on the floor important, but you also need to take a look at how much height is found in the tent. Unless you want to spend the whole time crouching down and being very uncomfortable the whole time, you want to make sure that the height of the tent is a good distance up as well.

Many of the tents that we put in our list have a good height as well. This can make them take a little longer to put together at first. But when you do not have to crouch down or worry about your head hitting the top, you will appreciate this additional feature while out camping. Look to see the height of the tent along with the floor space before purchasing.

How Many Windows

Windows are important when it comes to the ventilation that comes with the tent. These larger tents can easily become stuffy and unbearable, especially when all the campers get inside and try to go to sleep. With enough windows, it is easier to get some air pumping in and out so it feels more comfortable. Check how simple it is to open the windows and see the type of cross breeze that is possible before you take it out camping so you know whether you need some fans or something else to keep it cool.

Can It Divide Into Different Sections?

Many large tents have an added benefit of dividers that will help you to split up the tent and get it so you have a few rooms within your tent. This is a great way to split up children or to give each of the adults some of the space and privacy that they need. Many of these large tents will allow you to have one or two dividers based on your needs. Some will even have additional doors to help users to get in and out without disturbing anyone else.

How Sturdy are the Poles

You do not want to put in all the work to put together the tent and then find out it will fall apart on you a few minutes later. Check before you even take the tent out whether the poles are sturdy and can stay up, even in high winds that are hard to deal with. The tents on our list have this covered, but if you are choosing a different tent, then you want to look to see reviews of others who utilized these. If you can find a tent with some color-coded poles to help with setup then this is an added bonus.

How Long Will It Take to Set Up?

Take a look at some of the reviews and see how long it will take to set up the tent. You do not want to purchase one of the best large tents and then find it will take five hours to put together. The options on our list are designed to be easy to put together without falling apart, but always double check. The best large tents should take about half an hour or so to put up if just one person is doing it on their own. With help, it should be faster.

Large Camping Tent For Family


What is the Best Brand to Pick?

This is often up to personal preference for you to pick the one that you like the most. Many people enjoy going with a specific brand over another. If you take a look at our list, the Coleman brand has a lot of great options that you can choose that provides a good deal of protection, comfort and space, but many brands are really great as well.

What tent should I use when camping with my family?

You need to pick out a tent that has enough room for your whole family to get inside. The options on our list above that offer dividers to make several rooms would be good for a family to provide some space and privacy all in one place.

How long will it take to assemble a large tent?

Each tent will take a different amount of time to assemble. The higher quality tents are going to take around ten minutes if you have at least two or three people to do it together. If you try to do it on your own, expect it to take a little bit longer to get it all done. You should expect that these are going to be about half an hour to get it done on your own.

Which tent works best in all weather conditions?

There are a lot of good contenders when it comes to which ones will do the best in all types of weather. None of the ones that ended up on our list will be true winter weather tents. These work well for a long hike to Yellowstone or a nice weekend at the lake with family and friends. There are some four season tents, but these are generally not as big as some on our list.

Which is the best budget friendly tent to take out camping?

Many families need to stay on a budget when it comes to picking out a tent to have for a fun weekend away. There are many great options that you can pick for this one. While most of the tents on our list will fit into budget-friendly, the one that provides the best cost for all the benefits will be the Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent. This one is a budget-friendly option that will still provide you with a lot of protection from the elements, has a lot of room, and will not fall apart when you go camping.


There are many great large camping tents out there that you can choose for your family. NO one wants to be cramped up and stuck on top of one another when they are out camping. They want room to stretch out and enjoy the nice outdoor air that they get when they go out. With some of the large tents on our list, you will be able to do just that, without spending a lot of money in the process. When you are ready to have enough room for all your friends or for your kids when you camp, check out some of the above tents and you are ready to go.

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