Top 5 Zero Degree Sleeping Bags That You Can Get Your Hands On (Reviewed)

best zero degree sleeping bag

What’s a better adventure than going trekking, exploring and camping in the scenic hills and mountains? There are beautiful sights to explore out there in the wilderness just waiting for us to discover them.

However, there are some places that are so much better when visited in slightly colder weather. You get to experience the nature and beautiful scenery when it’s at the peak of its beauty and at a time when you can enjoy chillier weather if you normally live a relatively warm city life.

With that said, going at such a time does warrant thinking about the chilly nights you will be spending out in the wilderness during your camping trip.

That problem can be solved by investing in the proper camping gear for this trip including a sleeping bag that takes this temperature problem into the highest consideration, based on how cold of an area you will be planning on visiting. 

In this article, we’ve taken the time to outline 5 of the best zero degree sleeping bags designed for cold environments. Go ahead and check out our comprehensive guide below which is a simple bulleted table with a concise description of each sleeping bag if you’re in a hurry. 

Top 5 Zero Degree Sleeping Bags (Review)

1. Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF Sleeping Bag

Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF Sleeping Bag

Another big player in the sleeping bag industry is Western Mountaineering. If you’ve ever taken an interest in sleeping bags, you would be well aware of this brand and consequently, the praise revolving around the products that they create.

Their Kodiak MF Sleeping Bag does an excellent job of being a testament to that fact. It comes at a relatively steeper price, but at the same time, it is worth the money if you can afford it. It is constructed with the best kind of material to keep a person as warm as they desire.

This down sleeping bag features a large quantity of down as well as continuous baffles to ensure that the user feels warm and toasty in their sleeping bag. This sleeping bag scores well in the areas of comfort and space as well.

The sleeping bag is very spacious and can fit an individual up to 6’6” tall. The stitching of this bag has been reported to be of the highest quality with top-notch material. 


  • Filled with down and continuous baffles for assured extra warmth
  • Highly comfortable
  • Very spacious length-wise as well as width-wise
  • Sports a beautiful color and beautiful stitching
  • Aesthetically appealing


  • Cannot fit an individual taller than 6’6”
  • Only available in one color

2. Outdoor Vitals Mummy Down Sleeping Bag

Outdoor Vitals Mummy Down Sleeping Bag

This is one of the most economical choices in sleeping bags available in the market for you considering the amount of features it boasts and the quality you receive. It comes in various temperatures so you can select whichever temperature you are comfortable with.

The 0 degree one is also an excellent choice that will perform well at temperatures of 40 degrees of cold easily. This sleeping bag packs an extra punch with its 800 fill power which makes sure that you get the warmth you deserve when you are in unfamiliar and cold camping territories and if you’re worried about the sleeping bag being too heavy because of the fill power, you don’t need to be. 

The company uses modern technology in the production of the sleeping to make it super light, along with the ability to effectively retain warmth, giving you the best of both worlds. This sleeping bag breaks the rule of not having your cake while eating it too.

If that’s not enough, this sleeping bag also packs down to an extreme degree when folded. The sleeping bag is also made from a material that makes it water-resistant. These numerous benefits make it a highly desirable product to purchase. 


  • Highly cost-effective given the features it offers
  • 800 fill power for high warmth
  • Also supports down and baffles that is sewn in intricately
  • Very spacious
  • Comes in 4 different colors
  • Folds down to a compact size, easily portable


  • Cannot fit an individual taller than 6’6”
  • Some users have reported slight trouble with the zipper

3. Big Agnes Anvil Horn (650 DownTek) Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Anvil Horn (650 DownTek) Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes has been in the sleeping bag business for quite some time and that means you can be confident in the quality of their sleeping bags. The Big Agnes Anvil Horn Sleeping Bag does not disappoint in terms of product quality.

Another thing that is a benefit of this brand’s long history is that there are countless reviews available for all of their products online that you can peruse to inform your decision to buy.

This sleeping bag has mostly glowing reviews. One reviewer posted about having been to a place where the temperature was as low as -30 degrees, and that sleeping in this sleeping bag was an extremely comfortable experience for them.

The sleeping bag comes with various benefits in addition to its main features of comfort and high quality. Other reviewers have reported how much they liked the feature of there being a flap inside the bag that you can pull in order to make it cover the top of your head for extra warmth in case you feel cold on your face.

This flap provides a layer of warmth for you while not constricting your breathing in any way which is something that other brands have gotten wrong in their sleeping bag designs when adding this type of feature.

Additionally, this sleeping bag is loved for its spaciousness. It’s huge and comfortably sized when it’s open. It does not compromise on portability – it becomes extraordinarily compact when it is compressed.

So all in all, this sleeping bag delivers well on all fronts if you’re looking for a great 0 degree sleeping bag that at the same time is not very expensive. 


  • It is cost effective
  • Surprisingly spacious
  • Has additional flap for extra warmth for your head
  • Insulated bottom to keep the lower side of your body warm and comfy


  • Cannot fit a person that is taller than 6’6”
  • Cannot fit a pad longer than 78”

4. Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

If you’re looking for a rectangular sleeping bag that is something different from a mummy sleeping bag (mummy sleeping bags are more cylindrically shaped), then the Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag should fare swimmingly for you.

The sleeping bag looks very professional in a dark brown smooth exterior that is rectangular in shape so it gives a very professional camping vibe, while at the same time providing extra leg room through its rectangular shape.

Apart from the looks, this sleeping bag also delivers on the warmth factor. To that end, it boasts the chest and zipper baffle with a two layer construction that helps to trap in the maximum amount of heat, keeping you thoroughly warm.

The smooth looking exterior of this sleeping bag is not just for show, it is actually made of 210T nylon diamond rip stop fabric, and on top of that it has a brushed polyester liner. This type of fabric is highly durable, ensuring that your product can function well in a rough environment and not have any problems related to tearing.

In addition to that, it is also filled with 7 Denier Techloft Silver insulation. All users have reported this sleeping bag as being highly comfortable, spacious, warm and perfect for their camping trips. 


  • Super Cost Effective
  • Rectangular shaped
  • Two layer constructions for chest and zipper baffles
  • Extremely durable material
  • High warmth


  • Its insulation is synthetic and many campers prefer down insulation over synthetic
  • Large size so not easy to take on trips without a vehicle

5. Coleman Big & Tall Sleeping Bag

Coleman Big & Tall Sleeping Bag

Coleman is another player in the industry that has been around for what seems like forever. They have dependable sleeping bags available for purchase that are on the lower end of the price spectrum.

This Coleman Big & Tall zero degree sleeping bag is priced at only $78, and is a great option for those who cannot afford or otherwise justify a purchase of a more expensive sleeping bag. At such a low price, Coleman still makes their product an effective option for your trip. 

The sleeping bag comes with the interior having a flannel material, which is said to be exceedingly comfortable. Users have even commented on how it feels exactly like flannel pajamas and it gives a very homely feeling which is appealing when you’re away from home, as you would be when using this sleeping bag.

On top of that, it also has a built-in draft tube that extends all through the length of the zipper of the sleeping bag making sure you get that extra warmth you need on a cold camping trip. For the price, this Coleman 0 degree sleeping is an excellent choice. 


  • One of the most cost-effective high-quality sleeping bags
  • It has a snag-free zipper
  • Built in with a draft tube to ensure warmth
  • You can easily wash this in a washing machine


  • It is quite bulky in size
  • Cannot fit an individual taller than 6’3”

To Conclude 

A warm sleeping bag is just as essential to you, as a winter time camping trip is for your soul. This guide about the best kind of zero degree sleeping bags you can find is based on thorough research which is also reflected how detailed our reviews are, making sure you can get the entire picture about the sleeping bag you want to take on your trip. 

You can look through the detailed guide to find all kinds of information available for each product that we’ve listed, peruse through the table right at the beginning for a quick idea about the main features of each product and also go through the pros and cons list to get a complete idea about the advantages of the product as well as the drawbacks.

We’ve also included a link that will take you directly to the product on Amazon for a quick, swift purchase of your desired sleeping bag that will be delivered to you within days with the use of Amazon’s efficient delivery network.

We hope this guide was as helpful to you as it was intended to be and that your purchase satisfies you fully. 

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